Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Change font size of temporary dimensions

Today we will be looking at how to change the font size of your temporary dimensions in Autodesk Revit 2009.

When you first start to draw a wall or any object you will probably notice the font size is very small and hard to read (see Fig.1). We will take a simple line of text and add it to your revit.ini file. This will make the font size larger and easier to view. Enjoy!

What is that size again?

FIG. 1 Font Size

1. Navigate to your installation of Revit

You will need to locate the following folder on your computer: C:/Program Files/Revit Architecture 2009/Program/. Once your open up the folder called Program, scroll down until you find the configuration file called revit.ini.

2. Open up the revit.ini file

Use Notepad or another text editor of your choice. Once opened you should see a screen that looks like Fig. 2 below. Note: We recommend you create a copy of this file and save it as a backup on your computer before making any changes.

Revit.ini file opened in Notepad

FIG. 2 revit.ini file opened in Notepad

3. Locate the following text in your revit.ini file


If you cannot find the above text in your revit.ini file just copy and paste it as shown in Fig.3. Note: Be sure to place the above text exactly as shown and just after a closed bracket on a seperate line.

Finished revit.ini file

FIG. 3 Updated revit.ini file

4. Change the N value to 12

The default setting is set to 8. Save your updated revit.ini back in the original /Program folder.

5. Your all done

Open up Revit and you will notice a big difference in the font size as shown in Fig. 5. If you need the font size to be larger then go back and increase the N value.

Font size of temporary dimensions after change to revit.ini file

FIG. 5 Font size of temporary dimensions after change to revit.ini file

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