Thursday, March 19, 2009

Roofs: Using the Roof Join / Unjoin Tool

In this short tutorial we will look at how the Join / Unjoin Roof tool is used to mitre one roof into another.

Let's take a simple T-shaped single storey building...


Now we add a pitched roof the main body of the building....


And now let's say we want a pitched roof over the T section of the plan and we want mitre the second roof into the first- a typical arrangement.

Well, first of all create a roof over the T section of the plan, do NOT try to make the roof join the other just yet. At this stage, your second roof should look like this....


Now all we have to do is select the Join / Unjoin Roof command- this is on a tool bar near the top of the screen....


After you have selected this tool, you then need to make two selections.

  • The first is an egde of the roof that you wish to extend- so in our case this is the edge of the smaller roof, nearest to the big roof- just hover your cursor over the end of the roof- notice how the edges highlight- go ahead and click one.
  • The you can make the second selection- this is to tell Revit which roof you wish to join on to. Go ahead and click anywhere on the large roof.

Revit will then join the first roof to the second, resulting in.....


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