Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tutorial Revit Architecture 2009

Complete tutorial for AutoDesk Revit Architecture 2009, Introduction Using the Tutorials Accessing Training Files Understanding the Basics Navigating the User Interface Performing Common Tasks in Revit Architecture. Express Workshop, Express Workshop. Creating Details with Revit Architecture. Create a Detail with Imported DWG Data, Model-Based Detailing, Keynoting. Creating Drawing Sheets with Revit Architecture. Project Sheet Layout. Project Detail Sheet Layout Project Title Sheet Layout Developing Your Designs. Creating a Building Information Model Creating the Project Adding Project Levels Creating a Column Grid Adding Beams. Adding Braces. Creating a Foundation Changing Structural Member Types Linking the Structural Model Adding Floors Adding a Roof Adding a Curtain Wall Creating an Entrance Creating a Drop Ceiling Creating Multi-Level Stairs Creating a Wall with a Non-Uniform Height Adding Entourage and Site Components Adding a Service Core to the Building Project Modifying a Floor and Adding Railings. Adding Views and Sheets to a Project Creating Views Duplicating Plan Views Creating Callout Views Modifying View Tag Appearance Setting Visibility and Graphics Options in Views Creating a View Template View Range and Plan Regions Using Filters to Control Visibility Masking Portions of a View Working with Visual Overrides Creating Drawing Sheets in a Project Creating Drawing Sheets Adding Views to Sheets Modifying the Building Model from a Sheet View Creating and Modifying a Title Sheet. Detailing Creating a Detail from a Building Model. Detailing the View, Adding Detail Lines, Creating a Drafted Detail. Finishing the Sheets. Using Revision Tracking Setting Up a Revision Table Sketching Revision Clouds Tagging Revision Clouds Working with Revisions. Using Dependent Views. Viewing and Rendering. Rendering Views and Creating Walkthroughs, Rendering an Exterior View. Applying Materials and Textures to the Building Model. Rendering an Interior View. Creating Solar Studies, Creating Views for Solar Studies. Presentation Views. Adding a Floor Plan View to the Analytique Preparing a Floor Plan for the Analytique Using Advanced Model Graphics Adding the Floor Plan to a Sheet Adding an Elevation View to the Analytique Preparing the Elevation Analytique Adding the Presentation Elevation View to the Presentation Sheet Adding Section Views to the Analytique. Importing and exporting drawing, creating roof. Filetype pdf, 864 pages 12Mb.


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