Thursday, March 19, 2009

Edit Cut Profile: Using the Edit Cut Profile tool (Part 4 of 4)

Now that we have discussed the concepts of Cut Profile boundaries, let’s get back to our model and make some changes!

Let’s make the top of the cut profile of our wall flat by sketching a line like so….


Click on Finish Sketch (on the Design Bar) to tell Revit to go ahead and modify the cut area according to our new Cut Profile….


Success! The top of the wall matches the new boundary that we sketched out.

Now we need to modify the Cut Profile boundary of the roof, so that it sits on top of the wall. Activate the Edit Cut Profile command again, this time selecting the Roof


Again, while in Sketch Mode, use Lines to add a modifying boundary like so….


Now before you hit Finish Sketch, STOP! Take a close look at the left hand vertical line of the boundary you have just sketched. Do you see it has a small arrow pointing to the left?

If you zoom out twice, the arrow may be easier to see….


This arrow is very important. We use it to tell Revit which side of the new boundary is to be included in the new Cut Area. So at the moment it is pointing to the wrong side. Move you cursor over the arrow and click on it. The arrow will reverse and point to the inside of the bounded area. NOW go ahead and click Finish Sketch.


And there we have it! We have successfully modified the junction between our wall and roof, through the use of the Edit Cut Profile tool. Please note that this modification is totally view-dependent. If you were to go and create another section a little further along the wall, the junction between wall and roof would be unmodified (ie as originally shown).

That concludes this tutorial on the use of Revit's Edit Cut Profile tool.

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