Thursday, March 19, 2009

Edit Cut Profile: Using the Edit Cut Profile tool (Part 2 of 4)

Just before we look at what the Edit Cut Profile command actually does, I just want to you zoom in on the junction between the top of the wall and the roof, in your newly created section:-


You will see that there is a very basic junction between the top of the wall and the roof. The junction is inclined, following the pitch of the roof. But what if you do not want the roof to relate to the wall in this way. What if for example, you wanted the roof to sit “flat” on top of the wall? For example, like this:-


This is where we would the Edit Cut Profile tool. The tool allows us to modify the profile (or boundary) that defines the elements that have been cut through.

So let’s modify the cut profile of both the wall and the roof to make the junction match the one in my sketch above.

Section 3: Using the Edit Cut Profile tool on our model

We’ll start off with the wall first. Make sure you are zoomed into the junction between the wall and the roof:-


Now you can activate the Edit Cut Profile command. You can do this either from the Tools toolbar….


….or from the Tools pull-down menu.


Upon activating the command you will notice that the cursor icon changes to show you that you are ready to select a profile boundary for editing. If you hover slowly over the edges of both the roof and the wall, you will notice that their boundaries highlight to show you that they are available for editing. Go ahead and select the boundary profile of the wall..


You will by looking at the Design Bar on the left of your screen, see that you are now in full Sketch Mode.

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